Prof. Alexander Fedorov

Pro-Rector and President of Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute and Russian Association for Film and Media Education


Professor Alexander Fedorov completed his Ph.D. thesis at the Russian Academy of Education (Moscow) in the field of media education (1993). Currently he is President of the Russian Association for Film and Media Education, Editor-in-Chief of the pedagogical journal Media Education and Pro-Rector of Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute. He is also a member of the Russian Academy of Film Arts and Science, the Russian Union of Filmmakers, CIFEJ and FIPRECI.

Professor Fedorov is the author of 20 books on media education literacy (for example,Development of Media Competence and Critical Thinking of Students of Pedagogical Universities, Moscow, 2007; On Media Education, Moscow, 2008;  Media Education: Past and Present, Moscow, 2009). and more than 400 articles (in Russian, American, Canadian, French, German, and Norwegian media studies and media literacy journals). He is the head of  the Scientific Centre “Media Education and Media Competence” (in Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute). This Centre created and now supports several websites dedicated to media education, including a site on the federal portal of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the “Information Literacy and Media Education” website.

Since 1997 he has received scientific research grants on media culture and media education topics from the Russian Ministry of Education, the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Humanities, the Kennan Institute (USA), IREX (USA), the MacArthur Foundation (USA), the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation, USA), DAAD (Germany), and others.  He has been a guest professor and research fellow in the Norway Association for Media Education (Oslo), the Central European University (Budapest), Kassel University (Germany), Maison des sciences de l’homme (Paris), the Kennan Institute, (Washington D.C.), Humboldt University (Berlin) and Mainz University (Germany). Professor Fedorov has participated in many international media education conferences.