Alexandra Agudelo

Minister of Education, Medellín

Master in Education, Professional in Psychology, passionate about the processes that help advance Education. She has coordinated diverse programs and projects within the sector, including positions in the national service of learning (SENA), Higher Education and Education for Employment and Human Development. Coordinator and creator of the Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Unit at SENA, which generated for the country four programs at the technological level; as well as the implementation of a new high technology Sports Center in the city of Medellín.

As an advisor for Higher Education and Education for Employment and Human Development, she created relevant and quality programs that generated greater employability for students.

Her extensive knowledge in legislation and regulation of the educational system, has allowed her to learn about successful models in other countries.

In recent years, she has accumulated remarkable experience in the administrative field of the educational sector, both public and private. As the current Minister of Education of Medellín, she leads processes of strengthening middle education with a successful transition to higher education. Supporter and designer of Medellin’s STEM + H educational approach, as a model for the territory that works under a framework of science, technology, and innovation.