Amit Sharma

Associate Director, Dream a Dream


Amit has expertise in education policy making and its implementation. He is a big advocate for life skill-based learning and is working towards creating an inclusive education system for it. He has supported the development of Delhi Government’s Happiness curriculum which focuses on self-discovery of sustainable happiness. Amit is also supporting the Delhi Government with new state-wide education reforms. Apart from this he is also supporting other Indian state governments such as Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh to conceptualise and build educational programmes which can support students to thrive. Amit is also leading the National Advocacy for Dream a Dream to build a National level life skill based program with Indian central educational agencies.

Amit is passionate about solving large scale problems and bringing positive sustainable changes; and he believes inclusive policy making and implementation is the key to achieve it. He aspires to enter electoral politics to work on systemic change from within. According to him, more youth in the government system can bring contextual, realistic, and sustainable solutions for a better future.