Anna-Livia Susini

Head officer of Department for European and International Relations and Cooperation, Ministry of Education


Head of department for European and international relations

Schools Directorate, French Ministry of Education  

In her role of Head of Department for European and International Relations, Anna-Livia Susini and her team lead on international strategy for the French Schools Directorate, contributing to the understanding and promotion of French education policies throughout the world.

Her previous position as International Counsellor to the Director of the Local Education authority of Créteil (a large suburb of Paris), enabled her to implement numerous flagship projects with a wide range of countries. Her experience also includes leading on regional cooperation at university level (humanities and social science) between France and South Cone under the auspices of the Franco-Argentinian centre for HE studies (CFA-UBA). Collaborative work with consultancy agencies in Spain also allowed Anna-Livia to develop cultural and educational exchanges between Latin America and Europe.

She holds a Masters in political science and specialises in European and Latin American studies.