Asma Muhammad

Student, Doha British School


Asma Muhammad is a senior IB student from Doha British School (DBS) that resides in Qatar currently, but aims to pursue higher education in Canada. She’s an individual who has shown devotion to leadership throughout her school years, acquiring numerous positions. She was appointed as her school’s Model United Nations (MUN) Secretary-General and this year is MUN President. In this role, she markets MUN, manages paperwork and teaches conference procedure (international and local) to over a hundred students weekly. Subsequently, Asma is the President of a club she initiated, Wordsmiths, in pursuit of sharing her delight for poetry, public speaking and story-telling. Furthermore, she’s currently the Team Manager of Impulse in her school’s Formula 1, a renowned club for students to manufacture and market their own cars.With a driven character, she partakes in multitudinous activities to expand her skills and share her own. For instance, Asma was a student presenter at the Qatar Leadership Conference, to expound a leadership theory she devised. She’s also an earnest poet and photographer, that publishes her work on social media. She yearns to elevate the community and environment she’s in, therefore she’s an avid recycling member, has attended garbage cleanups and is involved with MUN Impact, through promoting Climate Action. Asma is an individual upholding an infectious mindset that is ambitious and altruistic. She plans to delve into the field of Business and/or Politics to further her impact, as both a leader and a learner.