Audalbert Norvilus

Member of the Central Coordination of the AOG of Gros-Morne Green Schools, Member of the Central Coordination of the AOG of The Song Room


Audalbert Norvilus originally from Grande Plaine, young of 35 who has completed his primary school of presbiteral school, Grande Plaine and secondary at Adventist College, Gros – Morne  and  high school Fabre Geffrard of Gonaives. Having the desire to remain attached to the peasantry, he did a study in animal production and health at the School of Animal Production and Health at Damien and the Faculty of Law and Economics of Gonaives. For now, he is a member of the central coordination of the AOG and responsible activities at the network of schools. He works for the Ministry of Agriculture to Turtle Island for 8 years and Agricultural Intensification Program Ennery / Quinte (PIA).

He starts alongside Jean Gaston as a model, in order to advance local development in the town of Gros – Morne, in the company of peasants in unpaid community activities and reflections. Frames with Gaston, the Association of Natives of Grande Plaine (AOG) (founded in 1992 by Gaston Jean Gros – Morne), which I am the coordinator, we have generated a kind of synergy that has facilitated the opening up of the Borough of Big – Morne on both common (Terre Neuve and Anse Rouge). However, wanting to increase its activities in the town, AOG was founded in 2008, the Green Schools Network which currently has 55 primary schools divided into 8 sections with the aim of communal Restore vegetative cover, reduce the vulnerability of the environment and fight against pollution with children.