Carlos Barrabés

Founder, Barrabé


Carlos Barrabés is recognized in Spain as an influential Internet visionary and e-commerce pioneer. He has long experience in combining enterprise with social issues and concerns and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Carlos transformed a family shop in the Pyrenees into a leading worldwide site for outdoor and mountain sports ( He then founded Barrabés Group, a conglomerate of companies operating globally in digital transformation, innovation, new technologies, software, user experience and design. He is a regular collaborator on several governmental programs and institutions around the world, and was named a Young Global Leader at Davos in 2010.

As a digital activist from the beginning, Carlos advocates for the full integration of digital technology in socio-economic development. Toward this objective, he has collaborated with several organizations and startups, promoting talent and bringing opportunities to all. He is dedicated to making the benefits of digital transformation broadly available to individuals and institutions. Over the past ten years, he has advised institutions including Banco Santander and the telecommunications company Telefonica. He is founder of ESPENI (Pirineo Business School) and the ‘Empieza por Educar’ Foundation. Carlos is also Director of the Master Strategic Design Lab at the European Institute for Design (IED), and Director of the MBA program at the Industrial Organization School (EOI), Madrid.