Cristina Gutierrez

Executive Director, Genesis Foundation


Cristina Gutierrez is the Executive Director of Genesis Foundation. She is responsible for the overall operations of the organization, with presence in Colombia and the USA.

A graduate from the University of Maryland (B.A. in Psychology) and holding a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College in Columbia University, Cristina has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of child education and developmental psychology.

Cristina Gutierrez originally worked as a clinical psychologist both in Colombia and New York City, with vulnerable children and their families, gaining significant experience and understanding of the interplay between various psychosocial conditions and educational special needs. 

In 2004 Cristina joined UNICEF in Colombia as a consultant for the Humanitarian Action Department. From there she oversaw the execution, monitoring and evaluation of programs for displaced children.

In 2005 Cristina Gutierrez was appointed by Genesis Foundation as its Representative for Colombia, and in 2010 se became the Executive Director. At Genesis’ Cristina has led its successful growth and professionalization. Under her strategic vision, Genesis has evolved from being a philanthropic non-profit organization into one of the leading organizations doing social investment. Genesis is aimed at improving quality and equality of education in Colombia and it directly benefits 160,000 children per year. Cristina strongly believes in the added value of partnering with other entities and this focus allowed Genesis to invest a total of $1,5 million dollars from its own resources leveraging $5,7 million during 2013, increasing the impact of its programs. Today, Genesis has obtained widespread national recognition for its efficiency, transparency and high impact programs.