Danielle Kercher

Team and Operations Manager, iACT

United States of America

Danielle Kercher is a graduate from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Psychology. Through her work with youth and adults with mental illness and at-risk youth providing crisis interventions and trauma-informed care, Danielle has developed a grounded work ethic centered around patience, compassion, and empathy. In her role as Team and Operations Manager for iACT, an international humanitarian action organization, she provides logistical support to all U.S.-based and international programs, manages volunteers, and maintains donor and community partner relations. She is also an active team member of iACT’s Pathways for Peace Collaborative, a new initiative that includes developing adaptable community-based education tools, workshops, and curricula to address the entire spectrum of identity-based violence, from dangerous speech to genocide. Danielle currently facilitates education programs including Global Citizens, a universal empathy-based preschool curriculum and set of resources, and Camp Darfur, a program she is currently redeveloping under the Pathways for Peace Collaborative.