David Archer

Head of Programme Development, ActionAid

United Kingdom

David Archer is Head of Programme Development with ActionAid (www.actionaid.org), a board member of the Global Campaign for Education (www.campaignforeducation.org) and is the elected representative for Northern civil society on the board of the Global Partnership for Education. Trained as a secondary school teacher in the 1980s, he specialised in adult literacy, working on programmes across Latin America inspired by Paulo Freire. In the 1990s he developed the Reflect approach to adult learning (see www.reflect-action.org) and he led the development of international benchmarks on adult literacy in 2005 (Writing the Wrongs, GCE). As Head of Education for ActionAid for many years he has worked on implementing human rights based approaches to education and has managed the Right to Education Project see www.right-to-education.org. He has written extensively including on the evolution of NGO approaches, the impact of IMF macro-economic policies (Confronting the Contradictions, ActionAid  2007), the global crises in HIV and Education (The Politics of Prevention, Pluto Books 2009), quality aid to education (Fund the Future, GCE 2011) and human rights based approaches to development (People’s Action in Practice, ActionAid 2012)