David Belle

Ciné Institute Founder and Executive Director of Ciné Institute

David Belle is an award winning producer and director of documentary films. He has lived and worked in Haiti for 18 years and first began community development initiatives there by using his jeep as an ambulance for the small village where he built a home outside of Jacmel. In 2004, he co-founded Haiti’s first international film festival, which attracted filmmakers from around the world and audiences of over 80,000. Ciné Institute was born out of the festival as Mr.Belle discovered that Haitians preferred to see films about their society and that they had strong desire to learn filmmaking. Mr. Belle has implemented partnerships with numerous local and international governments, foundations, filmmakers and production companies from around the world. He is also the President of Seahorse Films, Vice-President of Crowing Rooster Arts, Co-Founder of BRANDAID Project and Board Member of Artists for Peace and Justice.