David Ng

Associate Dean, National Institute of Education

Associate Professor David Ng is Associate Dean, Academic Quality at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University Singapore. He provides overall leadership, management and improvement in academic, student, and programs quality. He also leads in the planning, review and effective implementation of the Strategic Planning Academic Quality’s initiatives, research and evaluation studies that guide future strategic directions of the institute. David was also the Associate Dean for Leadership Programs at NIE from 2004-2010. He was responsible for designing and implementing innovative leadership programs for system superintendents, school principals, Heads of Departments, and middle level leaders. David’s work in transforming school leadership development has helped to make Singapore one of the world’s highest-performing systems in PISA and other international standards. David is the advisor for the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP). He leads the ongoing review of the LEP. The LEP is the National Institute of Education’s leadership flagship program. He has also advised on leadership strategy in Singapore, Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia), Philippines, Vietnam and globally.