Dr. Don D. Guttenplan

Journalist and Premier writer for the Education section of The International Herald Tribune, Journalist and Premier writer for the Education section of The Citizens Foundation

United States of America

D. D. Guttenplan, a journalist, educator and author based in London, is the premier writer for the Education section of the International Herald Tribune. A product of the  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Memphis, Tennessee public school systems, he has a degree in philosophy from Columbia University, a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, and a doctorate in History from the University of London. 

He has taught American History at University College and the history of popular culture at Birkbeck College. A correspondent for the weekly magazine The Nation, he is also the author of American Radical, a biography of the American journalist I.F. Stone, and the producer of the internationally acclaimed documentary film Edward Said: The Last Interview.

In the past year he has interviewed the British Higher Education Minister, David Willetts, has written investigative reports on the working conditions of foreign language teachers in Italy and of the faculty of American study abroad programs, and he continues to be interested in the ways that the Internet and technology are changing the nature of higher education.