Dr. Susanne Eggert

Deputy head, Research Department of JFF – Institute for Media Research and Media Education


Dr. Susanne Eggert studied Media Science and Communication Science with an emphasis on Media Pedagogy, German, Hispanic language and literacy studies, and Psychology at the Universities of Leipzig and Trier, Germany. She holds a PhD in Media Pedagogy from the University of Leipzig. 

Since 1998 she has worked as researcher at the JFF – Institute for Media Research and Media Education in Munich. In 2016 she became deputy head of the research department of JFF. From 2005 to 2015 she was also chief editor of Merz/Medien and Erziehung (Merz/Media + Education). She is now the chief editor of MerzWissenschaft, the academic edition of Merz. 

Dr. Eggert's research interests include family and media, children/adolescents and media, international media education, media and migration, and media and inclusion.