Eric Steinberger

Co-founder and CEO, ClimateScience

United Kingdom

Eric Steinberger is the Co-founder and CEO of ClimateScience, a global educational charity providing resources, and activities around solutions to climate change. With 1,200 volunteers from 40 countries, they reach over a million learners in schools, businesses, and at home.

Before co-founding ClimateScience, Eric was an AI researcher at Facebook AI and briefly worked on digital agriculture at MIT. He completed one year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge and then ended his studies early to focus on his work.

When Eric was 14 years old, he started studying Physics and Computer Science through MIT’s “Open Courseware” program online. Since then, he has been an advocate for free online education and wants to create opportunities for brilliant young minds to learn online what they need to know to help solve the world’s biggest problems.