Fatima Achdid

Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development

Community Facilitator & Global Facilitation Coordinator

My professional life started at the beginning of 2007 as a tailor and weaver. I created my entrepreneurial project to improve my economic situation. With time I realized that people came to my shop to find a listening soul, they would open up their hearts. Introspective questions rose: what is my role, how can I contribute to my community? What is new in my life, will I weave forever? Beginning of 2009, I became a sign language educator for deaf and dumb children. I self-trained. I learned a new language and to listen differently.

In 2011, I met Tamkeen in the context of a nascent partnership relationship with my neighborhood. I expressed my intent to contribute to the children of my community. When I co-created a cultural and art initiative, I realized that the children were contributing to my inner process more than I was contributing to theirs. My curiosity led me to engage more and more into my community’s process with Tamkeen until I became myself a community facilitator and joined the Tamkeen team in 2012. 

Since, I have facilitated the self-facilitated processes of many communities (neighborhoods and education system) and the emergence of cocreated community development models. All these models have their specificities. They diffuse within and between communities and societal systems.   They take different shapes but their essence is preserved: the trust in our human potential, unconditional love and epistemic humility. Currently, I facilitate the cocreation of conditions for the emergence of “Community Based Learning Ecosystems” (CBLE) and grow my understanding on how what emerges in the different metamorphic niches we are facilitating becomes the conditions for the emergence of CBLE’s. 

In 2017, I became the mother of a little girl who further teaches me about myself and often is a true mirror to my self.