Fatima Rizwan

Student, The Next Generation


Fatima Rizwan was born in Lahore, Pakistan and is currently living in Qatar. She is in the 12th grade studying at The Next Generation school. As a passionate individual, Fatima has always looked for ways to bring a change. She has grown to raise her voice on subjects that hold a great deal of importance to her. Last year, she took the role of being the Head Girl of her school and inspired young individuals to think about the importance of women empowerment. She has led innovative projects such as “Peer Platform” to cultivate a student to student learning environment in her school. She also finds her strength in the power of words and has worked for various publications since then. Today, she is the Project Manager at The Homegirl Project, a contributing writer at GIRLZ FTW and the representative of her school’s Editorial Board. Fatima aspires to be a journalist and hopes to become a kind and responsible global citizen.