Graham Brown-Martin

Founder, Education Design Labs

United Kingdom

It is perhaps no surprise that Graham initially pursued a career in the technology sector given that he was born in England during the 1960s near Bletchley Park, the site of Britain’s code-breaking effort during World War II led by Alan Turing. 

Leaving school early, he pursued a successful 30-year career that spanned the digital, education and creative sectors, inventing and building new businesses that challenged the status quo. Always too early, he designed mobile computers in the 1980s, interactive digital music systems in the 1990s and cloud-based storage systems in the early 2000s.

In 2004, he founded the global think tank Learning Without Frontiers that brought together renowned educators, technologists and creative individuals to begin a new global dialogue about the future of learning. Responsible for some of the most provocative and challenging debates about education, Graham left LWF in 2013 to pursue new programs and ideas to transform the way we learn, teach and live.

Graham spent two years researching, traveling, writing and editing video to create the transmedia work and third WISE Book, Learning {Re}imagined: How the connected society is transforming learning, published by Bloomsbury Academic, 2014.