Mr. Hamid Ebrahimi

CEO and National Director of Project SEED, Inc.

United States of America

Hamid Ebrahimi is the CEO and National Director of Project SEED. He has taught mathematics and mathematics education at every level from kindergarten to graduate school and has served as a consultant in mathematics and mathematics education to school districts and universities in Texas, California, Georgia, New Jersey and other states. He has taught at San Jose State University, Emory University, Monmouth College, and others, and has served as a consultant and designed manager and employee training programs for corporations including Bell Laboratories, Texas Instruments and IBM. 

Because of his expertise in the field of mathematics education, Hamid Ebrahimi was invited to testify before committees of both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives and has been an invited panelist and presenter at numerous conferences.

Hamid Ebrahimi’s career with Project SEED began in 1970, while a graduate student in mathematics at San Jose State University. He joined the organization as a mathematics specialist and within a year was directing Project SEED activities in the area. Since then he has been the Site Director for Project SEED programs in Georgia, New Jersey and Texas, and served as the National Resource and Development Director before becoming Project SEED’s National Director in 1999.