Ilhem Mansour

ELT Senior Inspector, Regional Education Board of Nabeul


Ilhem Mansour is currently a senior ELT inspector. Throughout her teaching career she has taught English to young learners, secondary school students and engineering students. She has taken part in preparing training modules about different topics as well as action-researches dealing with a variety of issues on diverse topics related to methodology in English language teaching and ICT integration in teaching. She has contributed to developing teachers’ guides consisting of an activities kit dealing with teaching and learning involving technology-enhanced/enabled learning in the classroom context. She has taken part in training Tunisian teachers on “Active Citizenship” with the British non-governmental organization ERIS. She also has a number of activities focused on sensitizing the youth to Human Rights with the Arab Institute for Human Rights AIHR.

Ms Mansour is a member of the executive board of the Societal Development & Empowerment Centre SDEC, a member of the Inspectors’ Association “Amicale des Inspecteurs” responsible for organizing conferences and panels. She is the treasurer of Youth for Science Foundation Y4SF.