Jazz Sethi

Founder and Director, The Diabesties Foundation


Jazz Sethi is the founder and director of The Diabesties Foundation – a global movement to make those with Type 1 Diabetes feel heard, understood, supported and celebrated – with a dedicated youtube channel, monthly meet ups, Awareness tours, education programs, advocacy drive and several other creative projects. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 13 and currently in on Pump, CGM and DIY Loop. She also lives with Diabetes Inspidus. 

She is the IDF’s Young Leader of Diabetes for South East Asia for 2019-2022 term representing India.  The Diabesties Foundation works closely with Diabetes India, RSSDI, JDRF and NHS England for developing projects and publications. Jazz is also a certified diabetes educator and did her training with the IDF program. 

She has become an extremely prominent voice for advocacy, education and empowerment for the Type 1 Diabetes community. She has been a pioneering figure in raising the profile of Type 1 Diabetes and shifting the narrative for those living with the condition from one of ‘ailment’ to one of ‘strength’. The Diabesties Youtube channel has accumulated over 500K views and they have built a community of over 15000 T1D families in their immediate circle. 

Diabesties latest project for access to insulin and other medical supplies is with leading industry partners and has already distributed over 350,000 USD  worth of insulin since 2021. The project aims to support over 500 children from severely deprived socio-economic backgrounds in Rural India with access as well as education to ensure both quantity and quality of life. 

She is also a professional dancer, choreographer, theatre artist and a published author. She completed her training from Broadway Dance Center in New York and the AEF from Florence.  Her mantra is simple – Live Happily and Bolus Regularly.