John Davitt

Education innovator and digital toolmaker of

United Kingdom

John Davitt is a teacher, inventor, broadcaster and digital toolmaker. He has worked in the international education sector for the last 25 years and is a specialist at cutting through the mystique to assess the practical potential of new resources. John has worked alongside teachers in schools in the UK, Africa, the USA and China and he is committed to levelling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities.

Davitt is the author of the book New Tools for Learning (2006), a practical guide as to how to make the technology fit the learning need, and WordRootan interactive CD guide to words and their etymology. In 2010 he also launched “The Learning Score” (, a visual tool that maps out and shares learning intentions as a graphical event – rather like a music score. 

His latest project is the open-source Learning Event Generator and “the RAG” – an interactive learning tool for mobile devices where you literally shake up a learning challenge. 

John’s latest work is with education centres around “Designs for active and affordable learning” (D4AL). As well as work with individual governments and consortia, John takes D4AL on the road as an Active Learning Roadshow – in Australia, October 2010, and America, February 2011.

In his keynotes and training sessions John champions a pragmatic and realistic view of the new technology revolution. His approach is one that fuses intermediate and advanced technology approaches where we keep the best of past practice and augment it with the benefits that new tools have to offer.

“The bottom line, for me, is that this visionary illuminated what I have believed in my heart for a long time: schools are a place that can inspire when we unlock the possibilities that our current realities constrain.” Boston 2009

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