Jonathan Birdwell

Regional Head of Policy & Insights, Economist Impact

United Kingdom

Jonathan Birdwell is Regional Head (EMEA) of Policy & Insights at Economist Impact. His responsibilities include overseeing all of Economic Impact’s research and policy programmes in Europe, Middle East and Africa, including the upcoming report on personalised learning and edtech supported by the Qatar Foundation. Jonathan has 13 years experience leading research in global think tanks, including multiple education focused research projects on topics including school to work transitions for non-university pathways (The Forgotten Half, 2011), youth labour markets (Youth Labour’s Lost, 2011), political and social action engagement (Service Generation, 2013), social and emotional learning and non-formal education (Learning By Doing, 2015), and growth mindset (Mind Over Matter, 2015). Before joining Economist Impact, Jonathan was Deputy Director at ISD Global where he oversaw the development, delivery and evaluation of the curriculum for YouTube’s Be Internet Citizen digital literacy programme. Outside of work Jonathan has been actively engaged in supporting local schools both as a mentor and as a school governor.