Ms Josephine Green

Trends Expert of Beyond20: 21st century stories

United Kingdom

“We know what we are but not what we may be.” William Shakespeare

Josephine Green promotes new thinking and new knowledge in the field of Social Foresight, Innovation and Change. Through refreshing terms and paradigms, she explores and articulates this dramatic period of transformation that we as a human society are experiencing. She believes it is critical, especially now, for us to embrace the fact that while we know where we have come from, we don’t know where we are going to. With no rule books for the next age, we must collectively and continuously invent and create our futures.

To support this, her work explores new social and cultural narratives and their societal, technological and organizational contexts and consequences. She demonstrates the very real need to embrace complexity through new organizational, cultural and leadership models and to distribute creativity and capacity throughout the system.

Josephine studied history and politics at Warwick University and followed this with a postgraduate degree in education. She regularly delivers international presentations and is an advisor to European futures and research platforms. She lectures in Master’s and executive education programs at a number of UK and European universities. She defines herself as a macro-historian and change maker and is convinced we must have a more human, humane and empowering theoretical and philosophical framework for the future. Her advocacy in this field is based on the belief that we need a different way of perceiving, of being and of acting in the world if we are to prosper, live well and safeguard the future.

Josephine was appointed Senior Director of Trends and Strategy at Philips Design, Philips, in the Netherlands, in 1997. Philips published her manifesto “Democratizing the Future” in 2007. She left Philips in 2009 to return to the UK.