Karima Kadaoui

Co-Founder & Executive President, Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, Social Innovation Platform


Karima Kadaoiu is the executive president of the Tamkeen Community Foundation for Human Development, which was founded in 2009. This project represents the accumulation of 25 years of working experience in the private sector as a big 5 management consultant, in the public sector as the advisor to the Minister of Employment, Vocational Training and Housing in the Moroccan Government, and in various experiences in the social sector.

As a Tamkeen Community Facilitator and experience-based researcher for 12 years in Tamkeen, Karima has had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing how trust in humanity and unconditional love foster the conditions necessary for the emergence of the social ecosystems of our societal harmony.

The Tamkeen Approach is co-created with all its partners with the aim of fulfilling its desire to grow our understanding of human potential and ultimately realise “a Humanizing Society”.