Khalid Yassin

Chief Programs Officer, Teach For Qatar


Khalid is the Chief Programs Officer at Teach For Qatar, where his main focus is to identify and attract highly qualified and motivated candidates to join TFQ’s two-year Fellowship, known as the Leadership Journey. He also puts programs in place to ensure those Fellows are trained and equipped to teach and inspire the future generation of students and make sure they stay committed to the organization’s vision. Khalid is passionate about education and has presented in various educational conferences in Qatar (TEDx, WISE…); however, he mostly enjoys working closely with educators to develop innovative ideas to support the students and make learning more engaging. Khalid worked as a teacher for more than 12 years. He has an MBA and is also a certified professional coach (In Executive Leadership). He has a desire to learn, share ideas and connect with educators from all over the world to discuss and share valuable experiences.