Lori Hsu

Executive Director of Immersed in Creativity


Lori Hsu is a distinguished, multi-faceted woman with a strong leadership background.  She holds a B.A. in Finance and Tax from National Taipei University and an E.M.B.A. from National Taiwan University. She has many years of experience in leadership and consultancy in finance, human resources, and most recently philanthropic promotion of culture and education. In addition to her educational and work experience, Ms. Hsu enjoys intercultural communication and engagement. 

Ms. Hsu has proven her versatility as a leader in many capacities, from her work in financial advising to human resources, specializing in helping to maintain employee satisfaction and welfare. Her position as Executive Director of the Quanta Culture and Education Foundation has enabled her to put her versatility, strategic planning abilities and humanitarian mindset into practice, steering the Foundation towards a promising future of long-term success in meeting its goals of promoting education and culture.