Mr. Lu Mai

Secretary General, China Development Research Foundation (CDRF)


Mr. Lu Mai is the Secretary General of the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF). Under his leadership, CDRF leveraged critical support for enactment of the National Nutrition Improvement Plan for primary students in rural compulsory education, Child Development Plan in poverty-stricken areas of China, and the Two-Child policy. Prior to CDRF, he had a long career at the Research Center for Rural Development of the State Council as Director of Experimental Area Office for Rural Reform, Deputy Director for Communications Office, and Director of Market Research. He was a member of the Office for Economic Restructuring of the State Council and a member of the Leading Group for the Reform of Circulation System. He was a Research Associate at the Harvard Institute for International Development and Department of Government and Senior Research Fellow of the Development Research Center of the State Council. He is a standing board member of the Society of Public Finance of China and, in 2002‒2003, was the first Chinese representative at the World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization.