Magdalene Storsveen

English Teacher of Aaretta Ungdomsskole, English Teacher of C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc.


Magdalene Storsveen is a 29-year-old English and science teacher from Lillehammer, Norway. She works at Åretta comprehensive school, a year 8 – 10 school with 400 students, and this year she is teaching several classes in English and science in addition to being a form teacher for class 9A. 

Magdalene studied at the oldest teaching college in Norway in addition to a year of English literature studies in Lincoln, England. These studies gave her a solid foundation for her career. After her studies she started teaching at Åretta where her great pedagogical skills and competence soon became recognized by her colleagues. 

Given her passion for motivating students, she feels her biggest challenge in teaching is in generating the enthusiasm for learning from “the boys at the back of the class,” by using creative methods. Magdalene considers positivity, confidence, preparation and an ability to listen and adapt as key qualities in generating this enthusiasm. Her methods have been recognized and adopted by Lillehammer College and SELL (Centre for Lifelong Learning) as the standard in good assessment practice.