Mahammad Kekalov

Student, Azerbaijan State University of Economics


Mahammad Kekalov is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Economics in Baku, Azerbaijan majoring in Business Administration. At the moment, he is working at Kekalove, an adaptive fashion start-up that produces adaptive apparel for persons with non-traditional body types, which he co-founded with his friends in April 2019. 

He has completed the FLEX Program in the United States and Harvard Business School’s Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program in Dubai, UAE. Mahammad has experience in conflict transformation and peacebuilding, political, ecological and gender activism and has taken part in various trainings and conferences across these disciplines in many different locations. Currently, he is the coordinator of both the United Nations Youth Advisory Council in Azerbaijan and D-18 Movement Student Resource Center. He is interested in educational technologies, AI and VR and is thinking of innovative approaches to bring these three together. He plans on getting his masters degree in Business Innovations and pursue a career as an entrepreneur.