Marcos Roca

Principal, Taller Escuela María Asunción Guglielmi


Marcos is an argentinian educator with a very diverse experience that covers both primary and secondary levels, public and private spheres, non-formal and formal education. His work linked to different NGOs that work in coordination with the State has allowed him to acquire a macro view of education, engaging in educational policies. He has also trained teachers, principals, inspectors in various educational topics. However, his vocation is mainly based in schools where he plays various roles, such as primary teacher, coach and coordinator of secondary service-learning activities.

In 2017, at the age of 28, he was summoned to serve as principal of a youth and adult baccalaureate, a role that he continues to this day. Its students are mainly young people between 16 and 35 years old from the Buenos Aires – Argentina suburbs, addiction recovery homes or shelters for people without a home. All this students have deserted from the formal educational system at least once. However, they continue looking for an education and finding in the “Taller Escuela María Asunción Guglielmi – Fe y Alegría”, the school that Marcos directs, a new opportunity to fulfill their dreams.