Mari Lim Jones

Project Director of the Deeper Learning Hub, Deeper Learning Hub/High Tech High

Mari Jones is the Project Director of the Deeper Learning Hub, a national practitioner hub whose mission is to spread deeper learning practices and ensure that more students across the country are achieving deeper learning outcomes. She is an Improvement Facilitator for the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation, where she has supported K-12 teachers across 16 High Tech High schools, and now supports the CARE Network, an initiative which seeks to support San Diego County schools in systematic caring to keep their 8th grade students on track to graduate high school college and career ready.

With a vast education background including an M.Ed in Research, Equity, and Technology from UCSD as well as a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from HTH Graduate School of Education, Mari has always felt that education is a form of activism, and she is passionate about promoting social change and equity by empowering youth.