Marie Leznicki

Chief Experience Officer, Bridge International Academies

Marie Leznicki is the Chief Experience Officer at Bridge International Academies. Since 2010, Marie has led radical innovation across how academies operate so that Bridge can grow faster and create more opportunities for children, parents, teachers, communities and countries. Marie leads all front-of-house operations, responsible for recruiting and training academy staff, managing academy operations, developing community outreach programmes, and expanding Bridge’s offering to include uniforms, meals, and more. Marie is an expert in accessing gaps in education models and devising innovative solutions to these challenges. Prior to joining Bridge, Marie led Customer Insights for Millicom International Cellular (Tigo) across 16 countries in Africa and Latin America. Before that, she worked in microfinance in West Africa and spent nearly a decade in the US doing strategic planning for Tylenol, Gerber, Kraft, and Universal Entertainment. Marie has a BA and MA in anthropology.