Mathieu Nebra

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, OpenClassrooms


Mathieu founded the “Site du Zero” website at age 13 with the strong belief that innovation and technology can empower anyone to master digital skills. Originally made for friends to share tips and tutorials about coding and computing, Mathieu was determined to create a more universal learning resource. Over the years, the website gained traction and developed a comprehensive offer of online courses. From 2001 and while in high school, Mathieu Nebra collaborates with regular “Site du Zero” contributor Pierre Dubuc, to co-develop a new version of the website and allow users to create and share their own tutorials via the platform, after being submitted and reviewed by experts in the field. In 2013, the site was renamed OpenClassrooms. Mathieu Nebra graduates with a master’s degree in engineering in 2008. Author of many famous online courses (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Linux, C, C++) and their books and eBooks versions (150,000 sold). Mathieu is a key innovator in online learning and was selected as MIT Innovators Under 35. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from EFREI.