Mohamad Ali Bahri

Arabic Language Program Coordinator, Translation and Interpreting Institute

Mohamad Ali Bahri is the Arabic Language Program Coordinator at Translation and Interpreting Institute, part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Bahri is a well-experienced consultant in educational and cultural affairs. He worked as a lecturer at Damascus University’s Faculty of Education and the Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies. In addition to studying and teaching Arabic language and literature, Bahri worked in educational administration for years and then took interest in media, where he studied and worked as a media consultant.

Having developed a passion for literacy and media studies for children, he has contributed to children’s literature (theatre, children’s books, and animated cartoons). Bahri is a founding member of the “Binaa Foundation” for supporting and empowering Syrian refugees and a consultant in higher education for the “Education Without Borders / Midad” Foundation. In addition to academic and social work, Dr. Bahri launched the “On the Shores of Arabic” program on social media, which features a series of cultural dialogues on identity, religion, and politics. He participated in the WISE Summit, where he gave a speech about “Language Planning and Policy,” one of his main current interests. He believes that we humans are made of four integral parts: body, soul, spirit, and language.