Mohammed Khorshid Sherro

Translator, Katsikas refugee camp


Mohammed Khorshid Sherro is Kurdish from Syria. He was born in Qamishli in North-Eastern Syria and raised in Damascus. He left Syria in 2014 and moved to Northern Iraq where he spent two years living in a refugee camp. Two months before completing his final year in high school he was forced to flee to Turkey and then to Greece.

He arrived to Katsikas refugee camp in March 2016. During his time in the camp he volunteered as a translator for different organisations such as Lighthouse Relief, Olvidados, Médecins Du Monde, UNHCR , Pangea, Second Tree, SoupandSocks, and Médecins Sans Frontières. He speaks English, Kurdish and Arabic fluently. He was also a Scout Leader for Katsikas refugee camp and led many activities for refugee children in Katsikas and Ioannina.

Mohammed had the opportunity to speak about the Syrian conflict to students and teachers at the University of Ioannina.

He is being relocated to Finland with his cousin Farhad. He wants to complete his studies and pursue a degree in Physics.