Mohsin Syed

EVP & Chief Startup Officer, KiwiTech

An entrepreneur at heart and grit, Mohsin Syed has over twenty-two years of international experience leading diverse, global, business development and strategy teams for various multinational corporations. A big believer in empathy at the center of everything he pursues; from the businesses he helps launch and build, to the employees, customers and partners he works with. In his present role as EVP and Chief Startup Officer at KiwiTech, he leads one of a kind startup program that is currently home to 500+ early to late stage startups across a dozen industry verticals with 80Million+ capital raised between them in addition to finding a unique channel of investing another $90Million+ in technology services for the portfolio startups. Over the last 9 years at KiwiTech, he has helped build a team that has reviewed over 200,000 startups across US, Europe and Middle East to carefully pick ventures that are a culture and an ecosystem fit with KiwiTech’s startup model.