Muneeb Khan

Education Manager, World University Service of Canada


Muneeb Khan is an Education Manager at World University Service of Canada where he is currently managing education programming for orphaned girls in Afghanistan. His interests lie in implementing technology driven solutions to improve inclusion and learning outcomes for students in underserved communities. Muneeb utilizes first hand experience working in the ed-tech startup ecosystem and his training in psychological research to innovate solutions for conventional quality and access-to-education challenges. His recent work helped to create a unique ed-tech model for sustainable community led schooling in Pakistan. In this role he also managed the creation and implementation of digital curriculum at over 2,000 community and 500 non-formal schools. For his project at WISE Muneeb will be working with refugee girls in East Africa, improving their education success by implementing inclusive, digital approaches in schools. Muneeb is a Fulbright Scholar and has a Masters degree in Psychology from New York University.