Nathan Kerr

Geography and Social Studies Teacher of Howick College

New Zealand

Nathan Kerr is a mobile learning specialist and teacher from New Zealand. He has won numerous international educational awards, including one World Teaching Award, for his groundbreaking work in mobile devices and learning. Recently, Nathan was selected as one of the top four global education pioneers, and was selected by the New Zealand Government to be the project leader for the mLearning (mobile devices, and learning in classrooms) Project. 

The highly successful project was a collaboration between the New Zealand Government, various schools across New Zealand, New Zealand universities, and Vodafone New Zealand. The project outcomes will provide the blueprint for New Zealand education into the 21st century and beyond.

Nathan sees mobile devices as “Communication Swiss Army Knives”, with ever-increasing opportunities for student learning and success due to the engineering breakthroughs in mobile devices.  

Nathan feels schools worldwide could be “pen and pencil islands in a digital sea” if schools refuse to embrace the digital world.

Nathan is excited by the digital future and what it could bring to the education world.