Nikita Khosla

Senior Director of Programs, Luninos Fund

Nikita is Senior Director of Programs at the Luminos Fund where she oversees program curriculum, pedagogy, and delivery, working in close collaboration with governments and our local implementing partners. Previously, she served as part of the senior management team at STIR Education where she helped set-up the organization’s India operations. Nikita played a critical role in helping STIR grow to $1.8M over two years and impacting 400,000 children globally. Prior to working at STIR, Nikita was a manager in the marketing team at Parikrma Humanity Foundation where she worked with the CEO to help de-risk Parikrma’s funding model by exploring new donor segments. Nikita began her career as a software engineer with TechMahindra Ltd and worked with some of the biggest telecom companies globally. Nikita holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from SGSITS India and an MBA in Finance and Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Oxford.