Ola Abu Hani

Alumni, MYCHA

Ola Abu Hani is a 23 year old lady from Gaza Strip, she has a Management Degree from Al-Azhar University-Gaza, since she was 19 she is a volunteer with Al Ehsan voluntary charity campaign, El Ehsan is a youth-Led, Self-Funded initiative comprising over 100 youth in Gaza Strip, and their mission is to bring hope to most traumatized population in humanitarian activities including PSS support for Children with Kidney Failure, and children who has cancer among other activities of providing support to families with food commodities. Ula participated in MYCHA training in Gaza and one of the key aspects acquired and practiced in the training is the young people compact, and UNR 2250. Ola after attending the MYCHA training has replicated the training to the members in EL Ehsan voluntary charity campaign to bring more humanitarian activities to communities with quality and according to international standards.