Paul Muller

Student, King’s College London


Paul’s educational journey took him from a small town in Austria to an even smaller town in Lithuania and finally, with a brief stop in Shanghai, to London where he studies Computer Science at King’s College London. On his journey he experienced education as a student, teacher, tutor and as someone who is simply seeing where his curiosity will take him. Consequently, in recognising the importance of education, Paul became Head of Data & Analytics at the social start-up Project Access which fights inequalities in admissions to top universities. His team leverages data to reach as many people as possible to maximise the project’s impact. In addition, he brings experience in finance, digital marketing and software engineering. Paul believes that education and technology will be deeply intertwined in the future and he aims to utilise his skillset to make EdTech solutions scalable, secure and accessible to everyone. He is an advocate for integrating programming into everyone’s curriculum and preparing people for a technology-empowered world. He is a frequent speaker about these topics and a regular attendee of hackathons where he tries to implement his ideas about education into actual products.