Mr. Paul Taryam Ilboudo

OSEO Representative of Oeuvre Suisse d’Entraide Ouvrière (OSEO)

Burkina Faso

Paul Taryam Ilboudo, OSEO Representative in Burkina Faso, has a Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (postgraduate degree) in Education and Linguistics. He has worked as a primary school teacher, a certified secondary school teacher and a researcher in Applied Linguistics and Andragogy. The author or co-author of several publications on adult literacy and applied linguistics, he designed and supervised a 48-day intensive adult literacy training experiment and helped create the ALFAA method, which builds on literacy skills in African languages to promote the learning of French. He was a member of the team that designed, tested and implemented bilingual education in Burkina Faso.