Dr. Piotr Mitros

Chief Scientist of edX

United States of America

As Chief Scientist at edX and its Technical Co-Founder, Piotr Mitros is responsible for developing and applying technology to optimize the learning process. As a graduate student, he took breaks from his thesis to spend time teaching in China, working in India, and facilitating educational technology projects in Nigeria, as well as developing experimental educational formats at MIT. His observations of university systems around the world inspired him to find innovative ways to improve both the quality of – and access to – education dramatically.

Following a stint in industry designing the analog front end for a novel medical imaging modality at Rhythmia Medical, Mitros returned to MIT to lead the creation of the original MITx platform and help lead the creation of its pedagogy. He has a broad interdisciplinary background that combines teaching, engineering, computer science, and math, and has been interested in teaching and education since he was a child. Mitros enjoys making things, including curtains, bicycle parts, electronics, furniture, and speakers. He holds a B.S. degrees in Math and Electrical Engineering, a Master’s of Engineering in EECS, and a Ph.D. in EECS, all from MIT.