Dr. Rachel Awad

Associate Director of Employment at Silatech, Qatar


Dr. Rachel Awad is Associate Director of Employment at Silatech, a regional NGO which works to connect youth to employment opportunities across the Arab World. Dr. Awad overseas  Silatech’s youth employment programs, which are implemented in partnership with private sector, government and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, Oman and Palestine.   These include programs for career guidance and youth job readiness, internship programs, technical training programs, and the ta3mal.com regional and local online youth employment portals.

Dr. Awad has held leadership positions and provided consulting services to schools, universities, non-profit and government agencies in the United States and the Middle East for over 25 years, with a strong focus on K-12 and post-secondary educational programs and policies, and youth workforce development. Dr. Awad has 20 years’ experience living and working in the Middle East, including Palestine, Egypt and Qatar. She earned her master’s degree from Harvard University and holds a doctorate in Public Administration and Policy from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA.