Mr. Raùl Gutierrez

Founder and CEO, Tinybop

United States of America

Raul Gutierrez the founder and CEO of Tinybop has enjoyed a long career in technology and the arts.

Born in Mexico, Raul developed an early interest in computers and was a teenage software developer. At Princeton University Raul was admitted as an engineer but graduated with a degree in art history. Mixing art and science became the foundation of his life’s work.

After college Raul headed west to Paramount Pictures and worked on a long list of major motion pictures and Broadway theater productions. Later he formed his own consulting firm and built internet properties for Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tribeca Films, and Warner Brothers as well a variety of retail and arts clients. In 2007 Gutierrez built the art site 20×200 and was its Chief Architect.

With the birth of his children Raul became interested in child development and wrote a popular blog on parenting. He founded Tinybop in 2012 with a plan to build several series of groundbreaking educational apps that give kids open models of the world around them. Tinybop has now reached over 10 million kids worldwide and is widely acclaimed as a leader in STEM teaching tools for kids. An educator favorite, over 1 million Tinybop apps have been downloaded to schools worldwide.

Gutierrez lives in Brooklyn with his wife and 2 boys. He's an avid photographer, an occasional blogger, and an unrepentant collector of elegant and unusual objects.