Roderick Allen

Superintendent of Learning and Achievement of Learning Division, British Columbia Ministry of Education


Rod Allen is Superintendent of Learning, a position he was appointed to in January 2008. In May 2011 he also assumed an Assistant Deputy Minister position, with a central role in British Columbia’s transformation to personalized learning. Rod is actively involved in the Global Education Leadership Program, along with 15 other international jurisdictions. Prior to this he was Superintendent of Schools in British Columbia’s School District 54 (Bulkley Valley). Rod has taught at most grade levels in British Columbia, where he advanced through school and district leadership positions.

He received his undergraduate degree, teaching qualification, and Master’s degree in Education Administration from the University of Victoria. 

The Learning Division within the Ministry of Education is responsible for providing leadership and support to school districts in the areas of Aboriginal Education, Curriculum and Assessment, Diversity and Equity, French Programs and International Languages, the Early Years and E-Learning. With all of these areas working together in an aligned, coherent manner, British Columbia is well placed to provide all learners with an excellent educational experience, allowing them to succeed at the highest levels. Through an ongoing series of transformation initiatives in areas such as reading, curriculum, special education, and assessment, the Learning Division leads the transformation to personalized learning based on strong basic skills and competencies, choice and flexibility, and student engagement.

Rod is married with two children, both attending university.