Sadeem Jaro

American School of Doha


Sadeem Jaro has been apart of the MUN community, both in Qatar and internationally, for 4 years now. Starting in middle school, Sadeem participated in conferences such as MISMUN, ISLMUN, and MSMUN-Q. As he went onto high school, Sadeem’s passion for MUN grew, and he actively participated in other conferences such as THIMUN, Georgetown MUN, MSMUN-Q as Head Chair, ASDMUN, and QLC, among many others. Throughout this time, Sadeem’s passion and dedication towards MUN grew exponentially, and he found himself immersed in it. From writing a policy statement to working with others to form a resolution and debate on it, all aspects of MUN came together to form a brighter future.

Upon attending QLC 2018, Sadeem became inspired through the way the speakers would so proudly and poignantly bring up issues about today’s world and address them, ranging from the Sustainable Development Goals to other humanitarian skills and even education and hobbies. The speakers were truly passionate about the topic they presented, and through that experience, Sadeem realized the importance of leadership and the younger generation’s voices in today’s most pressing issues. We all have the capability to inspire one another, ignite a passion within someone, raise awareness about the issues of today, and become an integral component of Sustainable Development in the process.

This ideology prompted Sadeem to, with the help of his co-speaker Faris Al-Moli, present at QLC 2019 about an issue that has many layers and sparks a range of emotions, that being war. The presentation, entitled “The Effects Of War On Cultural Identity” focuses on how war has shaped us, specifically in the Middle East. How it has torn us away from old traditions and values, but in the process created a new society that we live in today, and the broader cultural implications that come with these new changes. War has affected us all in some way or another, and this talk dives deep into how specifically war has done that, and in the process, shaped our world.