Sara Montecchiari

Business Development Manager, Mobsya Association

Sara Montecchiari is working as a Business Development Manager for Mobsya which is a non-profit Association that was born in parallel with the Thymio project. Thymio is a robot invented in the LSRO-MOBOTS, a robotics laboratory of the EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, one of the most well known engineering schools in Europe. The aim of Mobsya is to create products which helps children to master digital tools they are using. Mobsya vision is to transform kids from passive consumers of technology into actors of the digital world. To reach this goal of social impact, we co-create, produce and distributeThymio products. Thymio is an open-source concept based on three pillars. A robot, neutral gender, easy to manipulate and robust; intuitive software interfaces to program the robot and quality educational material to get the best out of it.