Siarhei Kharytonau

Student, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham


Siarhei Kharytonau was born in Hrodna, West Belarus, in 1989. He is the 2014 UK Government’s Chevening scholar and is currently affiliated with the Master of Laws (LL.M., General) taught program of the Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham (UK) – from which he also holds the University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Award. 

Siarhei started his professional career in 2011 working in research analytics at Ward Howell International (a leading executive search firm focused on emerging markets and venture investment in innovative HR and education ideas). His most recent professional developments include affiliation with the Unitas Foundation (a civic education NGO founded by the former Prime Minister of Estonia) and an executive leadership over private media initiative prepared in partnership with The Lithuania Tribune – Lithuania’s largest online media player, published in English. 

Siarhei completed his postgraduate course of study in Diplomacy, International Relations & European Integration at the Estonian School of Diplomacy in Tallinn and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International and European Law from the European Humanities University (Belarus/Lithuania) – the world’s only existing university in exile that was forcibly shut down by the authoritarian Belarusian government and later reopened its doors in neighboring Lithuania. 

Having been obliged to leave his home country for an ideologically free national education, he considers academic freedoms and obstacle-free access to education to be the core of innovation and civil development. He is enthusiastic about having an opportunity to influence the education of tomorrow through the WISE Learners’ Voice Program.